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Introducing Nicolas Correa

Nicolás Correa is a leading manufacturer of milling machines worldwide. Nicolás Correa’s machines are bespoken in design and deliver exceptionally high-quality milling solutions for various industrial applications.  Nicolás Correa’s impressive lineup includes bed-type milling machines, bridge-type milling machines, gantry-type milling machines, and other specialized milling solutions that are packed with powerful features that deliver productivity, precision, and reliability. Nicolás Correa customizes the equipment using different spindle configurations, table sizes, control systems, and additional features as per the customer’s expectations from their milling machines.

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Our machines

Nicolas Correa XPERTA - Bed Type Milling Machines

Nicolas Correa - Xperta

The Nicolas Bed Type Milling Machine are excellent versatile machines that redefine precision. Fortified with advanced technology and robust construction, these machines deliver exceptional performance for an extensive array of milling applications. Nicolas Bed Type Milling Machines are stable and accurate in operation considering the rigid bed and precision spindle. Their spindle is customizable in speed, feed rate and tooling configurations. Its flexibility and scalability to deliver varied machining deliveries are the main reasons for their increasing global demand.

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Nicolas Correa - VERXA


The Nicolas Correa Bridge-type milling machines deliver a very seamless and versatile performance. Its bridge-type structure delivers stability, rigidity and accuracy during heavy-duty and large-sized machining operations. These bridge-type milling machines are fitted with high-speed spindles and multi-axis and become capable of handling complex geometries and a wide range of materials. With an intuitive control system, these machines can perform intricate machining tasks, including prototypes, industrial projects etc.

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Nicolas Correa Traveling Column Machine

Traveling Column NORMA L

The Nicolas Correa Traveling Column Machines are designed to deliver unmatched performance and accuracy in producing a range of varied machining requirements. Its rock-solid construction and the travelling column configuration are a one-of-its-kind structure that gives stability and accuracy when in use. The Nicolas Correa Traveling Column Machines are powered with productivity-enhancing features such as advanced spindle technology, and intelligent control systems.

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Top Gantry milling machine


Nicolas Correa Top Gantry milling machines are a preferred choice amongst global manufacturers worldwide for their stellar performance and delivery of intricate prototypes and large machining with efficiency, precision and accuracy.

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Control systems include the technology and processes to operate, regulate and optimize the machine operations. These control systems focus on consistency, and energy-saving options for efficiency, precision and accuracy in the machining process. Key factors such as compatibility, ease is use of software, comprehensive support and service need to be considered when finalizing the control system.

Software options include Fanuc, Siemens and Mitsubishi
360◦Customer support and service packages
Operator friendly control systems
Customised control algorithms
High speed machining with peripheral control


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