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Renowned for excellence, HYUNDAI WIA, a leading machine tool manufacturer based in South Korea, delivers cutting-edge products renowned for their superior quality and performance to machine tool makers worldwide. Hyundai Wia's ultra-precision machine tools empower manufacturers globally, elevating their production standards and enhancing quality to unprecedented levels. Their intuitive concept and design cater to the aspect of operator convenience and ease of use. Their ever-expanding series of machines relates to their commitment to excel and deliver high-quality parts with unparalleled precision. Hyundai WIA offers a range of CNC Turning Center, Vertical Machining Center, Horizontal Machining Center, Boring centers, 5-Axis Machines and Multi-Tasking machines.

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Korean Technology

High precision & rigidity

Wide range of Machining solutions

Reliable and safe automation solutions

360◦ Customer Support and Service

Ease of operations

High Speed

High Performance

Lead to a Future of Technology in which Dreams come True

Key Highlights

High-precision machining through the improvement of spindle quality

Ergonomic design for easy access to the workplace

Ensured high rigidity by using a roller or box guideway on all axes

User-friendly structure for high productivity

Machining Center with built-in spindle, demonstrating high speed and efficiency

Machines are ready for automation and can be adoptive for smart factory solution

Machine tools with increased cost efficiency to high value multi-tasking machines

Future-oriented and next generation part machining machines


Our machines



Hyundai WIA Turning Centers excel in high-precision turning operations, boasting enhanced efficiency and exemplary performance. With a solid, well-defined construction and advanced technology, these compact machines are environmentally friendly. Their ergonomic design prioritizes user convenience, optimizing performance and output.

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Vertical Milling


Hyundai WIA Vertical Machining Centers are renowned for their versatility and precision, ideal for vertical milling. Equipped with enhanced spindle quality, these machines ensure superior machining results. Their versatility is further underscored by customizable features such as different motors and columns, while the latest controller program empowers precise performance.

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Horizontal Milling


Hyundai WIA Horizontal Machining Centers excel in horizontal milling with high-speed precision. Renowned for flexibility and productivity, they offer rigid construction and outstanding cutting accuracy. Options include High-speed models with linear guideways and Heavy-duty variants with hardened box style guideways.

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5-Axis Machining Center


Hyundai WIA 5-Axis offers seamless control over 5 axis. Built robustly with high rigidity and integrated bed and column, these machines maximize operational efficiency with strategic placement of the main table and spindle. Additionally, their accessible design ensures operators can achieve maximum precision and accuracy, resulting in flawless machining outcomes.

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Multi-Tasking Machines


Hyundai WIA Multi-Tasking Machines epitomize the harmonious fusion of multiple machining processes, seamlessly integrating turning and milling operations. The newest lineup of Hyundai WIA multi-axis machines excels in shaping intricate workpieces, boasting dual spindles, turrets, and Y-axis functionality for optimal performance.

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Y-Axis Turning Center


Y-axis series known for their high performance and robust cutting capacity, ensuring maximum productivity. These machines, featuring Y-axis functionality, deliver superior cutting power with box guideways, while stabilized components minimize thermal displacement. Additionally, the inclusion of wedge-type Y-axis facilitates intricate machining tasks efficiently.

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Control systems include the technology and processes to operate, regulate and optimize the machine operations. These control systems focus on consistency, and energy-saving options for efficiency, precision and accuracy in the machining process. We address all vital aspects, including compatibility, user-friendliness, comprehensive support, and service, essential for a robust control system

Software options include Fanuc, Siemens and Mitsubishi
360◦Customer support and service packages
Operator friendly control systems
Customised control algorithms
High-speed machining with peripheral control



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